256. Interview: Karen Nielsen on Nothing Lasts Forever

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Karen Nielsen, writer of ‘Nothing Lasts Forever’ – interview   Sarah Blair takes the hosting chair for this one as she talks to Karen Nielsen about writing ‘Nothing Lasts Forever’, the penultimate episode of Season 11.   They discuss Karen’s journey from being an assistant through to writer, her mentoring by Glen Morgan, her success on writing internships, and how the episode came to be, plus much more…   Host   Sarah Blair   Guest   Karen Nielsen   Production   Carl Sweeney (Editor), Tony Black (Producer), Kurt North (Patron), Michelle Milbauer (Patron), Jenn Ferguson (Patron), Astrid Klosterkoetter (Patron), Cortlan Waters Bartley (Patron), Michael Gehrmann (Patron), Katie Doe (Patron), Adam Silva (Patron), Deana Ferreri (Patron), Isabelle Dubois (Patron), Andrew Blaker (Patron), Andrew Brooker (Patron), Cathy Glinski (Patron), Malcolm Crang (Patron), Naomi Miller (Patron)   FACEBOOK   TWITTER   EMAIL   ITUNES   The X-Cast on PATREON   Next time…   Tony Black returns to interview Benjamin Van Allen, writer of ‘Familiar’…  

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