We Dig Music – Series 1 Episode 20

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We Dig Music – 3 music geeks from the West Midlands jabbering on about music…

This time our alphabetical musical escapades traverse the great curve towards the letter T so we’re talking about Scotland’s most dependable power pop combo Teenage Fanclub and New York Art Rock pioneers Talking Heads . As usual we never stay on topic for long so you’ll also hear us discussing repetition, rubbish reasons for being sacked from Mogwai, repetition, repetition, The disparity between British and American Radio, repetition and gigs worth building a time machine for.

Listen to (all available) songs in full here – https://open.spotify.com/user/newpathstohelicon/playlist/56wGYuGHPrYgFnJK4jvH4J?si=Xn2Evp9nSnGJETQ_7nYuaA

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