252. SEASON 11 40 – Chris Carter & Season 11 (My Struggle IV)

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Chris Carter & Season 11 after ‘My Struggle IV’ We continue our coverage of the brand new Season 11 of The X-Files, by discussing Chris Carter & Season 11 in the wake of ‘My Struggle IV’. Tony Black is joined by Darren Mooney to talk about the divisive creator of the series and the season as a whole… Host   Tony Black   Guest   Darren Mooney   Production   Tony Black (Editor/Producer), Kurt North (Patron), Michelle Milbauer (Patron), Jenn Ferguson (Patron), Astrid Klosterkoetter (Patron), Adam Silva (Patron), Isabelle Dubois (Patron), Andrew Brooker (Patron), Cathy Glinski (Patron), Cortlan Waters Bartley (Patron), Michael Gehrmann (Patron), Katie Doe (Patron), Deana Ferreri (Patron), Andrew Blaker (Patron), Malcolm Crang (Patron) FACEBOOK TWITTER EMAIL ITUNES The X-Cast on PATREON Next time… We conclude our coverage of ‘My Struggle IV’ as Carl Sweeney is joined by Chris Knowles for the Listener Mailbag…

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