We Dig Music – Series 1 Episode 18

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We Dig Music – 3 music geeks from the West Midlands jabbering on about music…

This time our alphabetical musical shenanigans find everything in it’s right place at the letter R. This time we’re talking about Swedish post hardcore revolutionaries Refused and Oxford’s finest genre defying awesome music nerds Radiohead. As usual we never stay on topic for long so you’ll also hear us discussing similarities between Slayer and Take That, overly cheerful sludge metal musicians and Tracey disguises herself as a librarian and sounds suspiciously like she’s getting in to Prog…

listen to the songs in full here – https://open.spotify.com/user/newpathstohelicon/playlist/6KTKI2uZjUhcztNEf3sX6H?si=21b4u1NLRieXijnA281H3g

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