208. Interview: Dean Haglund (aka Langly)

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THE X-CAST takes a break from our usual Season 11 coverage as we invite on a very special guest – Dean Haglund, aka Langly, one of the Lone Gunmen himself, as he appears in S11’s second episode ‘This’. SPOILER WARNING: we advise you DO NOT listen to this before watching ‘This’. Ok? No, really. Tony Black talks to Dean about returning once again as Langly (giving Dean permission to thoroughly spoil plot details for him in advance), the process behind working with Glen Morgan, Dean’s appearance in the recent X-Files audio dramas, what he thought of ‘Jump the Shark’ and lots about his previous and upcoming projects. Don’t miss this chat guys! Just remember… trustno1… FACEBOOK TWITTER EMAIL ITUNES DEANHAGLUND.COM Next time… Tony Black is joined by Carl Sweeney, before talking ‘This’, as they explore the first listener mailbag of the season, talking your thoughts on ‘My Struggle III’…

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