194. The X-Quiz 2017

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THE X-CAST takes a break from the Podwatch as Tony Black hosts the second annual X-Quiz mega episode. Ten rounds of questions devoted to each season The X-Files, from across the entire series run to date, with three teams in competition – The X-Cast team of Clara Cook & Russ Hugo, Not Another X-Files Podcast Podcast represented by Vanessa & Carolyn, and The Double X-Files Podcast represented by Alison & Courtney. Who will reign supreme as the X-Champions 2017 – tune in, find out and test yourselves over your X-knowledge along the way, just remember… …Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! FACEBOOK TWITTER EMAIL ITUNES Tomorrow on The X-Cast… the Podwatch continues as Russ Hugo & Lauren Forry discuss Season 9’s ‘Scary Monsters’ & ‘Jump the Shark’…

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