THE X-CAST continues with Tony Black investigating Season 2 Episode 25, the season finale, ‘Anasazi’… An underground computer hacker known as ‘The Thinker’ manages to break into the Department of Defence and download the ‘MJ’ files, top secret documents which purport to reveal the government’s knowledge about the existence of extra-terrestrial life. Presenting them to a tired, erratic Mulder, he and Scully soon find themselves at the mercy of dark, conspiratorial forces and FBI scrutiny as in his quest to learn the truth, Mulder discovers a shocking family secret which could blow open a government cover-up of global proportions… Joined by ‘mythology man’ Darren Mooney, of The Irish M0vie Blog, Tony explores this legendary X-File in the podcast’s biggest episode to date. Plus he & Darren do a post-mortem on Season 2 and break down their Top and Bottom 3 episodes of the season. Listen to find out more, just remember… trustno1… FACEBOOK TWITTER EMAIL ITUNES TO BE CONTINUED…

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