THE X-CAST continues with guest host Andrew Brooker investigating Season 2 Episode 23, ‘Soft Light’… When a man disappears in a hotel in what first appears to be a locked room mystery, Mulder and Scully are soon placed on the hunt for Dr Chester Ray Banton, a physicist working for Polarity Magnetics and a man involved in experiments involving light, shadow and dark matter, that have turned deadly. As Scully helps a former student turned police detective face internal prejudices, Mulder ends up on the wrong side of his enigmatic contact Mr X as he attempts to track Banton… Joined for the first time by American X-Phile and seasons podcaster Mike Schindler, Brooker explores this weird mix of standalone and mythology – plus Mike answers the 5 Questions of X along the way. Listen to find out more, just remember… trustno1… FACEBOOK TWITTER EMAIL ITUNES Next time on The X-Cast… join guest host Carl Sweeney and his guest, Amy Walker, to discuss Season 2 Episode 24, ‘Our Town’…

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