83. Joe Harris on The X-Files Comics & Cold Cases

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THE X-CAST takes a break from episodes this week as Tony Black interviews Joe Harris, writer of The X-Files Season 10/11 comics from IDW Publishing, the event series continuation comics, and the Audible Cold Cases audio drama. In this conversation, Joe discusses his X-Files fandom by answering the Five Questions of X, talks the origins and genesis of the Season 10/11 comics, why Season 11 ended early in the comic series, exactly what Cold Cases will involve in terms of storylines, and some exciting details about where his continuation comics are heading across 2017.   Listen in for this exclusive chat with Joe and just remember… trustno1… EMAIL ITUNES FACEBOOK TWITTER Next time on The X-Cast… join guest host Carl Sweeney and his guest Tanya Hernandez to discuss Season 2 Episode 20, ‘Humbug’…

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