THE X-CAST continues with host Tony Black investigating Season 2 Episode 13, ‘Irresistible’. After a series of corpse mutilations in Minneapolis, Mulder and Scully arrive to investigate what Mulder soon comes to believe is an ‘escalating fetishist’, someone with a powerful compulsion to desecrate the dead who may be preparing for his first kill. At the same time, the fetishist–seemingly normal delivery man Donnie Pfaster–undergoes a transformation as his disturbing compulsion grows. As Mulder closes in, Scully becomes increasingly unnerved by a case which gets truly under her skin… Joined by fellow X-Cast blogger and huge X-Files fan Carl Sweeney, Tony breaks down the beats of ‘Irresistible’, while also discussing its influences, including Chris Carter’s series Millennium. Carl also answers the 5 Questions of X. Listen to find out more, just remember… trustno1… FACEBOOK TWITTER EMAIL ITUNES Next time on The X-Cast… join Tony and his guest, Darren Mooney, for a bonus episode discussing Chris Carter’s most recent series pilot, The After…

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