THE X-CAST continues with host Tony Black looking back at the very first published novel in THE X-FILES world – ‘Goblins’, published by Harper Collins in 1994 and written by Charles Grant. In the small town of Marville, after a spate of seemingly unrelated deaths, Mulder & Scully are ordered by new FBI Section Chief Arlen Douglas to investigate. Joined by green junior agent Hank Webber and his tough partner Licia Andrews, and with Mulder’s old reporter friend Carl Barelli close behind, they become embroiled in a small town community with secrets at a premium and a troubling local legend about a murderous ‘goblin’… Joined by novelist and X-Cast blogger Sarah Blair, in her first appearance, Tony examines the differences between book and show, breaking down the characters, plot lines and prose. Plus Sarah gets a chance to discuss her debut novel, Darkness Shifting, very much inspired by The X-Files. Listen to find out, just remember… trustno1… FACEBOOK TWITTER EMAIL ITUNES DARKNESS SHIFTING ON AMAZON Next time on The X-Cast… join Tony and returning guest Andrew Brooker to talk S2’s ‘Excelsis Dei’..

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