THE X-CAST continues with host Tony Black looking back at THE X-FILES Season 2 episode 9 – ‘Firewalker’, written by Howard Gordon, and directed by David Nutter. After the mysterious disappearance of legendary vulcanologist Dr. Daniel Trepkos inside Mount Avalon, where he was heading a scientific expedition with the experimental ‘Firewalker’ probe, Mulder & Scully–now back at work and back on the case–are called in to make contact with the radio silent volcano research team. What they find are a group of scientists in grave danger and the possible existence of a new, silicon-based life form… Joined for the first time by writer/composer Jade Shames, Tony examines this quite forgettable, regular X-File. Jade also takes the 5 Questions of X and discusses his contribution to the X-Files: Secret Agendas prose anthology, ‘Give Up the Ghost… Listen to find out more, just remember… trustno1… FACEBOOK TWITTER EMAIL ITUNES THE X-FILES: SECRET AGENDAS ON AMAZON Next time on The X-Cast… join Tony & the X-Cast blog team for the very first end of year X-Quizcast!

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