61. Roundtable #1 – Key X-Files Questions

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THE X-CAST experiments this week by presenting our first X-FILES Roundtable, featuring writers involved in the X-Cast blog answering key TXF topic questions, posed by themselves and listeners of the show. Joining host Tony Black for the first Roundtable are Carl Sweeney, Sarah Blair, Baz Greenland and Paige Schector to discuss topics including… Could The X-Files survive without Mulder & Scully? Favourite Monster of the Week How might William feature in a theoretical Season 11? And which X-Files character would you most like to go for a drink with? Listen to find out the answers, just remember… trustno1… FACEBOOK TWITTER EMAIL ITUNES Next time on The X-Cast… join Tony & guest Darren Mooney to discuss legendary episode, ‘One Breath’…

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