THE X-CAST continues with host Tony Black looking back at THE X-FILES Season 2 episode 4 – ‘Sleepless’, written by Howard Gordon & directed by Rob Bowman. After the mysterious death of a man in his apartment with no clear cause of death, Mulder–following a tip off from a new clandestine contact–begins investigating reluctantly with new FBI partner, Alex Krycek. With the aid of Scully at Quantico, Mulder & Krycek discover evidence of a decades-old secret experiment involving sleep deprivation…  Joined by Failed Critics writer and podcaster, Andrew Brooker, Tony takes a look at an important blend of standalone and mytharc X-Files episode. Along the way, Brooker has another crack at the X-Quiz – can he equal his previous top score for ‘Lazarus’? Listen to find out, just remember… trustno1… FACEBOOK TWITTER EMAIL ITUNES ARTWORK BY: J.J. Lendl BUY THE SEASON ONE ARTWORK PRINT SET Next time on The X-Cast… join Tony as he interviews best-selling film & TV author John Kenneth Muir on his book, The X-Files FAQ…

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