51. Matthew Dow Smith on The X-Files Origins

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In another surprise interview, THE X-CAST returns as Tony Black speaks to comic-book artist & writer, Matthew Dow Smith – currently drawing not only The X-Files IDW Publishing tie-in comics, but the co-creator of brand new mini-series comic, The X-Files: Origins. Matthew talks about how he got into the comic book world, in which he’s drawn many established franchises (including his beloved Doctor Who), and the path which led him to taking part in Joe Harris’ much-loved Season 10 and 11 comics, before taking over as artist for the new revival tie-in run and the story behind bringing Origins to life, and how he feels personally drawn to Dana Scully in particular. Much like our previous interview with Matthew’s friend & colleague Denton J. Tipton, if you’re a fan of any X-Files media, comics in particular, don’t miss this fascinating interview with one of the strongest creatives working right now. Just remember, if you do listen… trustno1… WEBSITE TWITTER FACEBOOK IDW X-FILES COMICS MATTHEW ON TWITTER MATTHEW ON FACEBOOK EMAIL: thexfcast@gmail.com  

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