7. Matt Allair of The X-Files Lexicon

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In the first of hopefully many interviews with people related to THE X-FILES or the show’s fandom, host Tony Black talks to Matt Allair, journalist and webmaster of THE X-FILES LEXICON. Founded in 2005, TXFL has gone on to become one of the premier sites and resources for The X-Files in the last decade, and Matt has since contributed to the BluRay release of THE X-FILES: I WANT TO BELIEVE, interviewed many of the show’s cast and crew, and recently reported from the LA premiere of the new mini-series event. Matt here talks about these experiences, what he thinks of the new mini-series, about X-Files fandom, and indeed about his own varied career so far – not to mention being asked Do You Believe In… The Paranormal and facing the X-Quiz, all about the second movie. We hope you join us for this great chat with one of the show’s most dedicated and prolific supporters. The X-Files Lexicon: http://www.x-fileslexicon.com The X-Files Lexicon Blog: http://thex-fileslexicon.blogspot.co.uk The Syndicate: http://www.syndicateconsortium.com  

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