The X-Files Pilot The first episode of The X-Files, the Pilot, sees Dana Scully assigned by the FBI as Fox Mulder’s partner, sent to debunk his work. Investigating a series of mysterious deaths in Bellefleur, Oregon, Mulder and Scully both come to realise there may be more to the case than there seems, and the answer could be extra-terrestrial… Tony and Lee dissect the episode, its themes and offer some interesting production trivia – while along the way Lee answers the Five Questions of X, and is the first to face the X-Quiz about the ‘Pilot’. Host Tony Black   Guest Lee Howard   Production Tony Black (Editor)   Online   FACEBOOK   TWITTER   EMAIL   ITUNES   The X-Cast on PATREON ARTWORK BY: J.J. Lendl BUY THE SEASON ONE ARTWORK PRINT SET  Next time…   Tony is joined by fellow podcaster Andrew Brooker to discuss ‘Deep Throat’…    

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