The X-Files Primer   In the very first episode of THE X-CAST, your host Tony Black is joined by his first guest, Tanya Hernandez, to talk about the first regular section for new guests – the Five Questions of X, explaining her fandom, while Tony also gives his answers, fully intending to come back to the same questions at the very end of the journey. They then discuss both the genesis and legacy of The X-Files, from what inspired Chris Carter to create it, casting choices, seminal touchstones, and ultimately how it changed the TV landscape beyond. And finally, Tanya talks about her amazing experience in November at the New York Comic Con panel for The X-Files, where she got to see ‘My Struggle’, the premiere of the 2016 miniseries revival. What did she think? And avoiding spoilers, what can she tell us? Oh and along the way, Tony’s shiny new X-Files BluRays arrive and you’re not going to want to miss his reaction! Host Tony Black   Guest Tanya Hernandez   Production Tony Black (Editor)   Online   FACEBOOK   TWITTER   EMAIL   ITUNES   The X-Cast on PATREON   Next time…   Tony is joined by fellow podcaster Lee Howard to discuss The X-Files ‘Pilot’…  

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